Therapy sessions

Up to March 2020, 99.9% of my therapy work was done Face to face . It was unusual to do ‘on-line’ work.  Face to face sessions are preferred by some and as I currently write, we are able with conditions, to work face to face and it’s very simple to organise – Just email, text or call me with your preferred days and times (up to 9.00pm) and I will endeavour to fit in with you.

With regard to COVID 19.

As restrictions are slowly being eased, I have started seeing clients ‘face to face’ again, as it is very easy to maintain ‘distancing’ where I work.  I ask everyone to hand sanitise and I wipe down any surfaces with Milton solution (Milton advertises being effective with other corona viruses) plus I spray an 80% alcohol onto any touched surfaces.

Online working has proved to be much more effective than I originally thought it would and I will continue to offer it, as it is an extremely ‘safe’ mode if anyone is undergoing any treatments that may compromise their immune system. There are also clients who previously had to make quite a journey by car which of course they now don’t need to do.

Although we can use Zoom and Microsoft Teams and other similar software, such as Skype,  most people tend to want to use WhatsApp video or Facetime. With good WiFi and signal connection they both work really well and are very easy to use.

We agree a day and a time and I will call you a within a minute either side of our agreed time. If we get a broken connection I will try to call you back rather than both of us trying at the same time. I do like to have another telephone number of someone who – in an emergency – I could call to make sure you are ok – in the very unlikely scenario where someone appears to faint or have an attack of some sort leaving me incapable of making sure you are ok. It’s never happened and I’d be surprised if it ever did, but it is just in case.

I also ask whether you can be in a comfortable private place and wont be disturbed.

Working together on line can be more tiring than face to face so each session is around 45 minutes – In reality I allow for up to an hour and a quarter. Many people prefer to wear headphones and this seems to enhance the quality of the sound, making it a more immersive experience.