Hypnosis Myths

Many people – (myself included once) – can still be wary of hypnosis. This is understandable, as any powerful psychological technique can be used positively or negatively. (Every Dictator knows this!). However, Hypnosis is neither good or bad – it’s a communication tool. It would make just as much sense to describe a car involved in a car crash as a ‘bad’ car!

The whole world runs on hypnotherapeutic principles. We are all hypnotized through our culture, social constructions, our parents, teachers, peers and media. Isn’t it funny that my favourite newspaper’s editorials always agree with me!

It’s more accurate to say that when you visit a hypnotherapist you are going to be de-hypnotized, as you’ve already been ‘done’ – and probably/definitely continue to be so!

On top of the pernicious cultural, socially construced hypnotic programmes we are all exposed to, we have our own light trance states that can occur when we are involved in any repetitive and automatic activity, such as driving or working on a production line.