Hypnosis FAQ’s

Will I be able to enter hypnosis?

Nearly everyone can enter the hypnotic state. Interestingly, the actual depth of hypnosis is irrelevant to a successful outcome. It is usually the more intelligent individual with a high motivation for change who achieves the best results.

Can I be made to do anything?

In extreme situations – possibly, but they are very extreme. For example, think of the hypnotic effect the North Korean Leader (or any Dictator or Cult leader) has over the whole population or congregation. In extreme cases they are capable dying for the leader if instructed to, but look what happens when the hypnotic spell is broken – as it was with Romanian Dictator Ceaucescu – he and his wife were shot within a few days of the ‘trance’ being broken by the very people who would have died for him weeks earlier!

In fact the skill of the hypnotherapist is not to reactivate the critical faculty. This would easily occur by the therapist saying something odd or contentious. As a protective measure it’s ready to ‘resist’ at a moments notice.

The fact that the mind is neither naturally benevolent nor malevolent is powerful knowledge – it just attempts to grind out the suggestions that bypass the censor, or guard, or critical faculty – you can describe it however you like.

Do I have to relinquish control?

The hypnotherapist isn’t in control of you. The therapist and client form a team. if the client is unwilling to co-operate it is very difficult for the therapist to effect a change. The therapist is just a facilitator. No one can ‘put’ you there. The challenge is for you to make it happen. It’s a skill. Sometimes you’ll choose to go and sometimes you wont. It really is up to you.