An introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnotherapeutic techniques and skills exert a huge influence over everything you ‘see’ (It’s your mind that ‘sees’ – your eyes are merely lenses). How you instigate behaviours, how you interpret events, how you respond to those interpretations. All of which begin a second or two, (there’s an ongoing academic debate as to how many seconds) before you consciously become ‘aware’. In effect your unconscious mind has already begun to respond based on your past programming, conditioning, experiences and of course your beliefs.

Imagine for just a moment being able to become more aware of being able to direct and control how you feel, what you think, how you respond, and how you see yourself. Imagine being able to make those changes to those ‘ programmes’ that probably ‘consciously’ and ‘rationally’ you know you need to make.

Hypnotherapeutic techniques will help you achieve those changes. I don’t believe that there is anything you could do that is more important or more influential.